Browsing records 

The record list view displays the Btrieve file, one record per line with the fields of each record listed horizontally. The current record is indicated by a highlight cursor bar. Browsing records is done using the following keys:


Arrow Up Move cursor up one record, scrolling if necessary.
Arrow Down Move cursor down one record, scrolling if necessary.
Arrow Left Scroll view to the left, allowing you to go back after using Arrow Right
Arrow Right Scroll view to the right allowing you to see more fields if not all fields fit in the width of the display.
Ctrl-Arrow Left/Right Like Arrow Left/Right but scrolls in much larger jumps (40 characters at a time instead of 2).
Page Up View page of records before the current page.
Page Down View page of records after the current page.
Home View first page of records
End View last page of records.
Ctrl-Home Scroll view fully to the left.
Ctrl-End Scroll view fully to the right.
Alt-G Go to a particular record, specified by a key value in the current index. The dialog presented offers the option to get a record who's key is equal, less, greater etc than the key value entered.

View Customization

Alt-S Select sort order from indexes defined in the Btrieve file or 'Unsorted' (Physical order). Adding and removing indexes is also supported.
Alt-F Modify Field Selection and Calculated Fields
Alt-R Restrict records in view.
F2 Save current view.
F3 Load saved view.
Shift-F3 Reload settings that were used for the current file last time it was viewed.

Record Manipulation

Enter Edit the current record.
Alt-H Hex view of current record.
Insert Add a new record.
F5 / Ctrl-Insert Add a new record like the current record. Similar to Insert but all fields are initialized with values from the current record.
F8 / Delete Delete the current record. A confirmation prompt provides safety from accidental deletion.
Ctrl-F8 Delete all records that meet the current restrictions.
Alt-E Export records.
Alt-I Import records.
Alt-M Modify all records that meet the current restrictions.


Alt-T Calculate totals for all numeric fields in all records that meet current record restrictions.
Ctrl-L Show file statistics.
Alt-O Change file owner settings
F1 Help. Displays a summary of function keys available.
Esc Exit back to file list.
Alt-X Exit BTC immediately.