Field Selection and Calculated Fields 

Pressing Alt-F from the record list displays a pick list of all the fields in the Btrieve file. A * next to a field indicates that it will be displayed in the record list view. Exporting to a CSV file will also be affected if the "Selected fields only" option is enabled. The field list can be manipulated using the following functions:

Space Toggle selection of current field. The * will be toggled to reflect the field's selection status.
Ctrl-Grey-Plus Turn all fields on.
Ctrl-Grey-Minus Turn all fields off.
Insert Create a calculated field. A dialog will pop up to allow you to enter details for the field including it's name, formula, width and decimal places
ENTER Edit the details for a field. For non-calculated fields only the field width (and decimal places for floating point values) is modifiable. Calculated fields can also have their name and formula modified.
Esc Exit, canceling changes to field selection. Any new calculated fields are NOT discarded.
F10 Exit back to record list, using the fields selected.