Starting BTC

Btrieve Commander can be started in two different ways.

With no parameters

BTC will start with a list of all files defined in you data dictionary. Typing the first few characters of a file's dictionary name will cause the cursor to move to the first entry matching what is typed. If the file you select doesn't exist you will be given the option of creating it or selecting another file. To open a file with a non-standard file name or an owner name use Alt-O to access the Open Options dialog.

With a file name

Giving a file name on the command line for BTC causes that file to be opened using a data definition that matches the file's name. If no data definition matches the named file you will be asked to select an appropriate definition.

Once you've selected the file you want to view with one of the above methods you will be presented with a record list.

Data Dictionary files

Btrieve Commander requires access to data dictionary files (DDFs) that describe the Btrieve file you want to view. By default BTC will look in the directories described by the search path ".;ddf;..\ddf;..\..\ddf". You can override the DDF search path by defining the environment variable DDFPATH or by using a -d switch on the command line followed by the required path. The DDFPATH value can be a list of semicolon separated absolute or relative directories.

If BTC can't find a set of DDFs it will ask you to enter a directory where they can be found. The actual files required are file.ddf, field.ddf and index.ddf.