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Q When I use my favorite directory change utility on File Commander's command line it doesn't have any effect. Why not?
A This only worked in DOS because the current directory is a global value for all DOS programs. In OS/2 and Win32 each process has it's own independent current directory.

Q Norton Commander has an option to always show the menu on the top line, why doesn't File Commander?
A Because it's a waste of space. The only advantage of having this option on is to make it easier to access the menu using the mouse. In File Commander you can easily activate the menu by clicking the top line with the right mouse button.

Q Is File Commander Year 2000 ready?
A FC/2 hasn't been formerly certified as Y2K compliant but I'm confident that it is for the following reasons:
  1. Internally, FC stores dates in a format that can hold dates in the range 1/1/1980 -> 31/12/2107. That is, it uses the standard DOS date format.
  2. While writing FC I've always kept in mind that dates will exceed 1999 in the life time of the program. Wherever a 2 digit year is input, a value less than 70 is taken to mean a year in the 21st century. Where 2 digits are used to display the year, it is always the full year "mod 100".
  3. I've done some testing myself on areas that could have been a problem and found it to all work correctly.

Should any problem be found a fix will almost certainly be trivial to implement given that the internal data structures are not limited to 2 digit year values.

Q Why is File Commander so slow in Windows 95?
A Windows 95's support for Win32 console mode applications is very poor, however it's possible to work around most of it's flaws. In particular, File Commander's responsiveness will improve dramatically if you ensure it is started using /c fcw.exe. The shortcut created by the SETUP program supplied with FC/W will do this for you. Do NOT use start fcw or a shortcut that points directly to fcw.exe. This does NOT apply to Windows NT or OS/2.

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