File Commander/2

Starting Programs

When you start a program, whether it's from the command line, by double clicking on an executable or some other way, FC/2 first locates the program and determines its type. Depending on the type of the executable, FC/2 takes appropriate action to start the program.

OS/2 Text mode Runs in FC/2's session, unless the program is a full screen only program and FC/2 is running in a window. In this case, a separate full screen session is started for the program.
OS/2 PM Runs detached from FC/2 automatically. No need to remember to use Alt-ENTER to detach a separate session.
DOS As with PM apps, DOS apps are automatically started detached. As an added bonus, it is possible to specify DOS session settings by creating a text file with the same name (and in the same directory) as the EXE but with the extension .DS, for Dos Settings. If no such file exists, FC/2 will use the file FC.DS in FC/2's directory.
WinOS/2 To start a Windows app, FC/2 creates a temporary WPS Program object for the EXE and opens it. The session settings for the program will be as defined by the Win-OS/2 Setup object in your System Setup folder. This means FC/2 can start a Windows application in seamless mode.

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