Btrieve Commander

Btrieve Commander is a Btrieve file viewer / editor for OS/2, Win32 and DOS. Feature suggestions, bug reports or any other kind of feedback can be sent to  Brian Havard.

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Platform Last updated Size
OS/2 12 Oct 2023 06:21PM 95K
Win32 12 Oct 2023 06:21PM 111K
DOS 12 Oct 2023 06:21PM 120K


Btrieve Commander is Shareware which means you can use it for a limited time for free for the purpose of evaluation. If you decide you want to continue using it you must pay for it by registering. Licences cost US$79 per user.

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Feature Summary

Main View
The primary view is that of a list of records, one per line, similar to a spreadsheet view. The list can be scrolled both horizontally and vertically if there are more records / fields than will fit on the screen. A cursor bar indicates the current record.
Record View
Allows viewing and editing of an existing or new record. Data is viewed in a scrolling list, one field per line.
Restricting records
The records shown in the main view can be limited by either a key range on the currently selected index or by a free form logical expression.
Calculate Totals
The totals for all numeric fields, including calculated fields, can be calculated based on the current record restrictions with a single keystroke.
Import and Export of records
Records can be imported from or exported to either a comma separated values file (CSV) or the raw format used by the BUTIL utility's save function.
Modify all records
One or more fields in all records meeting the current record restrictions can be modified to either a constant value or to a value calculated from fields in the same record.
Deleting records
The current record or all records meeting the current record restrictions can be deleted.
Join to other files
Join to other files can be created allowing data in related files to be displayed, exported, totaled, used in calculations or in record filters.
Save / Load view
The current set of options (restrictions, calculated fields, field customization) can be saved for later re-use.
Expression evaluator
The built in expression evaluator is used for calculated fields, record restrictions and the Modify all function. It supports
Create / Drop Indexes
Custom indexes can be added for specialized sorting or for optimizing restrictions. Any index can be removed.
Supports OS/2, Win32 and DOS. Use whichever version corresponds to your Btrieve record manager.
Text mode, small, fast and easy to install
BTC consists of just one file of around 180kB. Startup is almost instantaneous.

The author, Brian Havard, can be contacted at
If there's anything you'd like to see added to this page, please let me know.
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